Date Completed:        Funded February 10, 2009, Constructed May, 2009

Avenue of Service:      International


Brief Description of Activity


In 2003 our club fully sponsored the construction of a footbridge in Ethiopia, involving a commitment of $5,000.  This year we received a note from Kevin Frantz (Founder of Bridges to Prosperity) that we could sponsor a bridge in Honduras for only $1,000.  We agreed. 


For the Honduras program, BTP was deluged with requests to simply train local engineers, involving the $1,000 amount.  In the course of processing this payment, we agreed to give-up the distinction of being the sole sponsor for a bridge in order to allow the Bailey's Crossroads Rotary Club to sponsor a bridge in the name of PDG Jack Kenyon, as a memorial.  As a result, Dunn Loring now shares with the Rotary Club of Mathews the sponsorship for a footbridge in La Hacienda.  Note the location in the pictures shown.


Members of the community of La Hacienda de las Sabanas have been crossing the river on a thin cable to get to and from their farmland on the other side of the river. When the river floods, which it does for more than 6 months of every year, they cannot cross at all. This means they can make only one harvest per year and must feed their family on the income of that harvest alone. Now they will have a bridge they can cross year round. That means that year-round they can work their land, harvesting twice or more per year and providing amply for their children. The conditions that existed at the start of the project are shown in the adjacent photograph.  The current status on our bridge is that the towers are complete and ready to pull the cable.  This bridge is about 80% complete and should be finished in May, 2009.


Submitted by:    David Eakin      Richard Madlener

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