Date Completed:    February 18, 2009

Avenue of Service:  Community


Brief Description of Activity

The sister of one of our club members died this year.  At the family's request a contribution was made in her name to the Committee to Aid Abused Women (CAAW), located in Reno, (WashoeCounty) Nevada. 

A contribution of $250 was gladly made by our club members, noting that last year, the CAAW provided temporary housing in RenoNevada for 232 women and children, involving 4,198 bed-nights.  It also provided 11 women and children with 972 bed-nights to adjust to independent living.  In addition to temporary housing, the center also assists women seek temporary protection orders, and received 11,174 crisis calls for necessary services.  

Submitted by:    David Eakin                   Bettina Lawton

Telephone:         703-938-4271                   703-242-1652