Club Projects 2009-2010

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Avenue of Service:         International  


Brief Description of Activity


The aim of this extensive project is to contribute to poverty reduction in Ghana by supporting an improvement in health and living conditions of residents through provision of sustainable water supplies and sanitation systems.


The main areas of support are 1) elimination of Guinea Worm disease in all of Ghana 2) improved access to safe water in rural areas and small towns in target regions, 3) capacity building at district level 4) educational programs aimed at improvement of behavioral patterns with respect to use of safe water and sanitary facilities and 5) improved access to sanitation.  Download  a complete description of the project from the Downloads section of this web page.


Our commitment of $2,000 will hopefully be matched by District 7610 and others for a greatly leveraged impact.


Submitted by:         Conrad Heer                 Virginia Hottel

Telephone:              703-795-2003                 703-242-1652