Club Projects 2009-2010

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Date Completed:            February 10, 2010

Avenues of Service:        Community, Vocational


Brief Description of Activity


For the ninth consecutive year the Rotary Club of Dunn Loring has provided scholarships to worthy students graduating from Pimmit Hills High School. This so far year four applicants for the February 2010 Graduation awarded scholarships ranging in value from $500 to $1500.  With this year's scholarship total of $3500, our total scholarship contribution exceeds $56,500.


Pimmit Hills High School is one of three alternative high schools in Fairfax County. There are approximately 250 students, many of which are immigrants who are over the age of eighteen, and therefore cannot attend normal High School programs. Many of the students work part time or full time.  Some are, in fact, head of their household.  They are all trying to better their lives and the lives of their families by furthering their education.  Pimmit Hills provides this important opportunity, but many students cannot afford the next step - college.  This is where we come in.   


Since we initiated this community service project the Rotary Club of McLean has joined us in giving scholarships. And for this first time last April, the Rotary Club of Tyson Corner  also will be giving scholarships to Pimmit Hills High School graduates.


It has been said that scholarships for Pimmit Hills High School students address all Avenues of Service within Rotary. While a Community Service project, it is also International in that most students come from around the world, and it is Vocational by supporting student career paths.  These students are the best possible ambassadors to the world that our country could ever have!


Submitted by:         Conrad Heer                 Virginia Hottel

Telephone:              703-795-2003                 703-242-1652