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Ruvi Makuni Oct 01, 2021 12:30 PM
Global Workplace Wellness Specialist, Certified Executive Wellness Coach, Certified Stress Master Co

BIO:   Ruvi Makuni

Ruvi Makuni is a  Global Workplace Wellness Specialist, supporting organizations as they better navigate the complexities of a hybrid or fully remote work structure. Elements of her programs include, Executive Wellness Leadership training, Work from Home Wellness, Ergowellness/Safety, Development of Wellness Committees, Stress/Sleep/Mental Health Mastery Programs, Communication and Team cohesiveness plus more. 

After a year (or two) that's been unlike any other, Employee Wellness Programs and initiatives will be crucial in helping employees perform well, while enhancing company culture, morale and productivity. This process can be cumbersome and time consuming for the internal team. 

As a Corporate Wellness Specialist, she supports the HR team through the heavy lifting. beginning with conducting Employee Wellness Assessments. These identify what employees need and want from their wellness program, and helps them feel included in the process. Once completed, she sorts through the feedback and results, making key recommendations for potential future wellness initiatives. This is a great way to ensure success and engagement in any wellness offerings and also allows organizations to budget accordingly, in advance of  fiscal planning meetings. www.fitactivetoned.com 

Sherita Cherry Oct 15, 2021
A Potpourri of Tips on Hair and Body Care
Edna Howard Nov 12, 2021 12:30 PM

Description: This topic covers the importance of having a positive mental attitude.  Attendees will discover how having a positive mental attitude can help them live a more positive life and develop a healthy growth mindset. 


Designation: Empowerment Mindset 
Target Audience:  Professionals, Executives, Public and Private Organizational leaders, and Nonprofit leaders. 
Chef Jennifer Jones Dec 03, 2021
Team Building and Holiday Dish Prepared