Posted by David Eakin

So What Do We Do With the Money We Get from the Above Fundraisers?  Every dollar raised goes to charities - No administrative costs are considered.  We divide our project efforts into Rotary Service categories, e.g. International, Community, Vocational, and New Generations.  A listing of our projects includes the following…

Our International Service projects include supporting “Bridges to Prosperity,” “Gift of Life,” Water Projects in Zambia, “Arlington Academy of Hope (Uganda Clinic Supplies),” Rotary’s “Polio Plus,” Jamaican Education Support projects, Haiti Medical Supplies, “Stop Hunger Now,” and “Free Syria” Humanitarian Aid.

Community Service projects include supporting “Alternative House,” “Homestretch,” “Shelter Home,” the Assistance League’s “Weekend Food for Kids" program, the “Potomac Conservancy Group,” “Children’s Hospital,” “Conservation4Youth,” and the “National Network for Domestic Violence.”

Perhaps our club’s signature source of funding support is providing college scholarships to deserving students in Fairfax County’s Adult High School (formerly focused to Pimmit Hills High School):  Over the past decade our club has offered over 80 student scholarships.  The theme of scholarship support has also been extended to include George Mason University’s College of Health & Human Services, and their School of Business, helping needy students achieve their educational goals.

How do we select the projects we support?  Opportunities are made known to our club by guest speakers, news events, our own club members, and recommendations by other Rotarians.  If you have a charity of interest, or a special event that serves the community, consider becoming a speaker or a member of our club.  Our program chair this year is Ms. Virginia Hottel, who can be reached by e-mail at or by telephone at (703) 734-9770.  Our membership chair this year is Mr. Ed Hogg, whose e-mail address is, and can also be contacted by telephone at (703) 862-8168.

Some of the projects we have supported in the past are described in the follow-on stories.