Club members are urged to enter their own makeups.
To enter a makeup:

1. Log in

2. Under Meeting Services click on Report Make-ups

3. On the Add Make-ups page select your name and click on Next

4. On the Update Make-ups page you will see a list of meetings.  Click on Report Makeup next to any of your missed meetings for which you have a valid makeup.

5. On the New Make-up page enter the date of the make-up in the Make-up Date field and enter a description in the description field.  Click on Save (NOTE: The date must be in the format: Month (three letters) day (one or two numbers) year (four numbers).  The make-up date must be 14 days before or after the date of the meeting being made up.)

6. Back on the Update Make-ups page you will see your new makeup.

You can look at club attendance by clicking on Input Attendance [Year 2009-10] and then Attendance next to the meeting you want to see.

You can look at your attendance % by clicking on Attendance Report [Year 2009-10]