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This year we received from Gift of Life, Inc. a letter that begins."Once again I find myself thanking you and all the members of the wonderful Dunn Loring Rotary Club for your Save the Child donation in the amount of $2,500."  - signed by Patricia Coulaz, Program Director.  This payment amount has been a commitment of our club for the last four years, in total amounting to $10,000.


The Gift of Life program, with its origins in Rotary, arranges for open heart surgeries to be performed on children from under-developed countries, children whom would otherwise be guaranteed to die from a curable condition.  Our club's collective contributions over the years have effectively saved the lives of two children.


Our Club makes funding available each year primarily through selling "Happy Holidays" greeting cards that enables the giver to provide a donation, in place of token gifts, to friends and business acquaintances.  A package of 10 cards is sold for $100, with the card message reading."In the spirit of this season, a donation has been made on your behalf to Rotary International's "Gift of Life" program, offering lifesaving medical treatment to children so they might also share the joy of a happy new year."  About a dozen club members look forward each year to this easy way to recognize those who are important to them, while also showing the true meaning of the season.



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